"Zauren" - natural yodelling

The earliest mention of the word “zauren” in Urnäsch dates back to a 1711 document recording fines imposed in Urnäsch, which refers to participants in a rowdy evening having “gejuchzet” (whooped ) and “zauret” (yodelled).

In Appenzell Ausserrhoden, the word “Zäuerli” describes a natural, wordless yodelling that alternates between the chest voice and falsetto. The slow melody of the “Zäuerli” is performed in a pensive, melancholy and solemn way, and is somehow reminiscent of the hills of Appenzell.

The main singer is called the “Vorzaurer”, the second voice the “Noefahre”, and the other accompanying voices make up the “Graadhäbe”.

In a different style is the “Chlausezäuerli”, which is lively, fast, relaxed and tuneful.


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